Hyundai Creta Facelift Launched in India

After almost 3 years, Hyundai launched its first comprehensive upgrade, Hyundai Creta Facelift. It features the new cascade grille with a chrome bezel and the bumpers are new with a dual tone finish and skid plates. It has also got a new bi-functional projector headlamps, positioning lamps,LED side indicators,17 inch diamond cut alloys and a shark fin antenna. There are two paint options available- Marina Blue and Passion Orange along with dual tone passion orange and black.  One of

After almost 3 years, Hyundai launched its first comprehensive upgrade, Hyundai Creta Facelift. It features the new cascade grille with a chrome bezel and the bumpers are new with a dual tone finish and skid plates. It has also got a new bi-functional projector headlamps, positioning lamps,LED side indicators,17 inch diamond cut alloys and a shark fin antenna. There are two paint options available- Marina Blue and Passion Orange along with dual tone passion orange and black.   

The All-New Honda Amaze

The All new Honda Amaze have launched 4 variants- E,S,V, and VX at a introductory price of Rs.5.59 lakh for the petrol version and Rs.6.69 lakh for the diesel variant. The newly launched Honda Amaze gets chrome grille with thicker slat, dual tone interiors with a piano black console and air-conditioning. The Honda Amaze gets a new 7 inch Digi-pad 2.0 touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Also it comes up with increased boot capacity from 400 litres to 420

IOT- The Massive Trend of 2018

2018 will witness the massive growth of Internet of Things (IOT). Artifical Intelligence, Blockchain and edge will also be used in a large scale. IBM Watson has predicted four key trends of the IOT in the future. AI will make the IOT smarter and more productive to work with- Even though AI is currently the buzz word everywhere lot of people are unsure what it actually means. As IOT is more devices connected and capable of speaking to each other, AI will help them to understand

2018 will witness the massive growth of Internet of Things (IOT). Artifical Intelligence, Blockchain and edge will also be used in a large scale. IBM Watson has predicted four key trends of the IOT in the future. AI will make the IOT smarter and more productive to work with    

Ford Launches the EcoSport 'S' variants

Ford has launched two EcoSport variants- EcoSport S and EcoSport signature edition. The EcoSport S is the return of the company's hyped Ecoboost engine while the Signature edition is the flagship variant.  The EcoSport S has the same power and torque figures as before:125PS at 6000 rpm and 170Nm at 1400-4500rpm. It has a new added feature of 6- speed manual transmission which gives more accessible to power and torque.EcoSport S also included sunroof and a new 4.2 inch MID on the


Electric vehicles to get green licence plate. The government approved this new move only for zero emission vehicles for both private and commercial use. This move is also applicable to electric busses and other electric commercial vehicles.  Other move from government includes: Preferential treatment in parking Free entry in to certain proposed congested zones Concession in tolls For commercial vehicles, the government has proposed an exemption from

Demand for Auto Engineers likely to Increase

The demand for Auto engineers and other tech specialist will increase with the technology revolution at automobile sector. The increasing significance of artifical intelligence, robotics, cognitive solutions and machine learning will throw many opportunities to the engineers.  Companies such as TVS motors, Tata motors India, Continental India, Mahindra and Mahindra and Mercedes Benz are aggresively hiring engineers. According to Nasscom, the sector is likely to employ about 1,10,000

Demand for Auto Engineers likely to be in demand

The demand for Auto engineers and other tech specialist will increase with the technology revolution at automobile sector. The increasing significance of artifical intelligence, robotics, cognitive solutions and machine learning will throw many opportunities to the engineers.  Companies such as TVS motors, Tata motors India, Continental India, Mahindra and Mahindra and Mercedes Benz are aggresively hiring engineers. According to Nasscom, the sector is likely to employ about 1,10,000

Lack of skills among Youth- India's Education system is not keeping up with the recent trends

India is currently facing an imbalance between the rapid growth of IT sector in one part of the country while other part still experiences limited availability of technology. It is estimated that there will be 104.62 million fresh entrants in the labor market by 2022; in fact, India would need to create 8.1 million jobs annually, against the 5.5 million created in 2017, to keep employment rates constant between 2015 and 2025. (Source:Forbes) The present education

Grundfos India won 'India's best company of the year 2017'award

Grundfos India have been awarded India's best Company of the Year 2017. The company has been certified for its market standing, innovation, leadership, governance and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The award is a platform that selects the top 50 companies in India and provides them an opportunity to showcase their skills and achivements.  The company also launched 'SmArt Serv', a mobile app to enhance customer service recently in India. The service

Mercedes-Benz launched AMG E-63 S at Rs 1.5 crore

With Mercedes launching AMG E-63 S, the company now offers 14 AMG models in the country. The new version of Benz was launched in India on 4th May at price starting from Rs 1.5 crore. The company which already have a market share of around 50 percent in the high performance car segment said that they will be launching more AMGs and other cars through the year. Features of AMG E-63 S New AMG Panamericana radiator grille. The bumper is also refreshed It has AMG 4.0 litre twin-turbo


Sales growth of 24% was registerd by TVS company in the month of April 2018. The sales increased from 246,310 units in April 2017 to 304,795 units. Domestic two-wheelers recorded growth of 17.6% with sales increasing from 205,522 units in April 2017 to 241,604 units in April 2018. Three-wheeler of the Company grew by 114.5% increasing from 5,303 units in April 2017 to 11,377 units registered in April 2018. [Source: TVS motors official site]   TVS is a multinational two

Future of Employment in India

Companies believe that there is a huge gap in the skill set between what companies demand and what the candidates possess. Almost 2 million are going to be unfiled due to skill gap by 2025. (Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte). Future trending skills Data Science skill-Data science is an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods,processes,algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. Since data have become predominant in every sector, data science skill have

In-plant training- Is it necessary?

Companies require candidates who are trained and who can readily apply the theoretical knowledge and can create value to the company. Having an in-plant training is always a brownie point for you as this help you to get trained prior in your interested area as well as provide you with deep subject knowledge. In-plant training will be a month long or a week training in your intersted area where you can be a trainee and get knowledge about the working of the company. The


Various businesses and universities conduct student ambassador programmes to encourage students who are currently studying to showcase their various skills such as leadership skill, influential skill, communication skill etc. Also referred as campus ambassador, the student ambassador programmes provide a wonderful opportunity for the students to act as a link between their university and the outside world. The most attractive feature of such programmes is that students can earn while they


NEW FORD ENDEVOUR A capable SUV ready to take on any adventure: No matter the terrain, the All-New Endeavour effortlessly puts you in total control. Whether it’s sand, snow or rock, you can confidently tackle any track, trail or mountain. Snow: For driving on slippery and shifting snow, this mode keeps RPMs low for greater control, while enhanced ABS and torque control help minimize wheel slip. Best-in-class water wading Hill Descent Control and Launch

Uber charging based on route-based pricing.

Uber introduced last year called upfront pricing. By guaranteeing customers a certain fare before they book, the company said it provides more transparency. But it hadn’t previously said how Uber was estimating those prices and continued paying drivers using the old model. The ride-hailing giant is using data science to engineer a more sustainable business model, but it’s cutting drivers out from some gains. During the last year, Uber had attributed price discrepancies to

Thought-Controlled Robot Arm

The robots of the future will be controlled not with joysticks, smart phones, or voice commands, but with thoughts.  There are cases of thought controlled robots. But those cases required a chip to be implanted in the brain of the robot controller. Instead of a chip implant, the new method uses and EEG cap to measure brain waves.  With the cap strapped on their heads, 13 human volunteers were able to make an off-the-shelf robotic arm grab an object, move it to a

All-Electric Cabs in Nagpur

India plans to have an all-electric car fleet by the end of 2030 and that not a single petrol or diesel car will be sold in the country by then to  reduce fuel import bills and running costs of vehicles. Union minister Piyush Goyal has said that not a single petrol or diesel car will be sold in the country by 2030.  To make this plan more effective, the government is offering subsidies to those customers who buy electric and hybrid vehicles.  Meanwhile, the Nagpur Municipal

Return of the E- Class!

The all new extended wheelbase model of E-class has regained its position as the bestselling Mercedes in India.  E-class comes with two engine variants - 2.0 litre petrol (E200) and a 3.0 litre diesel (E350d). Mercedes benz has planned to add another small diesel engine E220d in India.  The price of the E-class is expected to be in the range of 56L to 70.15L. It is to rival up against the likes of Audi A6 and BMW 5 series.  The E350d is loaded with futuristic features

Volvo to assemble cars in India

Swedish luxury car maker Volvo cars said that it will roll out its first India - Assembled car by December.  The new unit will be in Hosakote, near Bangaluru and it will be the second assembly unit after Malaysia which was initiated in 1960.  The Volvo Hosakote plant manufactures Volvo trucks, buses and construction equipments.  The first car to be assembled will the premium SUV of Volvo, XC90, which is a big hit with the indian customers.  The details of other

Chevrolet to stop selling cars in India

General Motors, Which markets only under the Chevrolet brand in India, will stop selling cars in the country. The company will instead focus on producing vehicles for export from India, one of the world's fastest growing passenger vehicle markets.  General Motors recently announced the decision to withdraw Chevrolet from the domestic car market in India at the end of this calendar year. The sale of Chevrolet vehicles will end on 31 December 2017. Nevertheless, Chevrolet India is

Electric vehicles to save $60 billion in fuel costs by 2030

Accelerated adoption of electric and shared vehicles could save $60 billion in diesel and petrol costs while cutting down as much as 1 gigatonne (GT) of carbon emissions for India by 2030, says a joint report released today by Niti Aayog.  The report estimates that India can conservatively save up to 64 per cent of anticipated passenger mobilitity-related energy demand and 37 per cent of carbon emission by 2030.  "By 2030, this would result in an annual diesel and petrol

Machine learning-based vehicle cybersecurity

The cat-and-mouse game that defines existing vehicle security features could use an overhaul and the recent resurgence in artificial intelligence technologies is just the thing to deliver it. Today, the networks on wheels that are modern cars use anti-virus and other common software security technologies that identify known threats and try to quarantine some of the unknown ones. But this isn’t ideal in a dynamic area where new threats continually pop up. Machine learning in the AI

Suzuki to Invest Rs 6,000 crore into Gujarat plant

Suzuki will be investing a whopping 6000 Crore at its Gujarat factory to double the production capacity and also to set up a facility for its engines. This investment is to be made within the upcoming two years. This investment will tally up to the existing investment of Rs. 9000 Crore. This upgrade will result in the increase in capacity to 5lakh units annually.   This will also enable Maruti and Suzuki's cumulative annual production capacity in India to move beyond 20 lakh

Saving money and increasing safety through 3D printing

We all got an idea of how 3D printing works from the snippets from Facebook or Twitter. They are mainlly used in Arts and design. From next year onwards, 3D printing will begin to appear in other areas, such as basic car construction done by mainstream carmakers and new players like Local Motors, a low-volume manufacturer of open-source vehicles. After all, 3D printing makes it cost-effective to build things, challenging today’s fundamental approach to car design. Currently, cars

Maruti Suzuki launches all new DZire

Maruti Suzuki, the household name in the automobile segment in India has launched its all new DZire with the price tag of Rs. 5.45 lakh and Rs 9.41 Lakh (ex Showroom, Delhi ) to go up against the likes of Hyundai XCent, Honda Amaze and Volkswagen Ameo.  The third generation DZire has been developed on Suzuki's HEARTECT platform, which is lighter yet more rigid than the previous generation version.  The company claimed that the diesel DZire delivers fuel economy of 28.4

Tamil Nadu auto plant hit as India too comes under cyber-attack.

Ransomware, a household name for the last couple of days. India was among the 99 countries affected by a global cyberattack that took down health services in the UK, a telecom network in Spain, and government computer systems in Russia this weekend.  As many as 102 computer systems of the Andhra Pradesh police were hacked on Saturday. It is also said that the virus has halted the production of Nissan plant in Chennai. 70% of ATMs in India easy prey for cyberattacker. ATMs in

Augmented reality in Auto industry.

While virtual reality creates a simulated world, augmented reality adds specific, created elements to the real world via technology.Thanks to the games like "Pokemon GO", Augumented reality has gotten a space for itself in the market.  This technology is widely adopted by the auto industry throughout the world. Some of the AR solutions should begin to appear in 2017, starting with smart head-up displays and infotainment displays followed by apps for repair shops. Cars

royal enfield

Royal Enfield Do you know what are the steps involved in the assembling of Royal Enfield Engine? #edu2020 #i2v #industrialvisit #handsonexperience Royal Enfield is like a legend in India and they showcased company’s first factory-built custom motorcycle named Mo’ Powa’ based on Royal Enfield Classic 500. It is dragster-inspired and features a turbocharged version of the Classic 500 engine, they switched the Electronic Fuel Injector (EFI) out for a

Have you heard of Lyft?

  Another major competitor of Uber - Lyft. However, they are slightly different . They also operate through a mobile app - helping connect people who want a ride to those who have a car. Lyft now operates across more than 200 American cities - with their recent revenue of more than $ 800 million they have indeed come a long way.  Some of the major investors of Lyft include General Motors, Alibaba, Icahn Enterprises and many others have invested close to $ 2 Billion USD while the

Self driving taxis now a reality in Singapore

  nuTonomy - the new kid on the block! Well, the new self-driving start up on the block. They have actually gone ahead and released a self driving taxi service for Singaporeans. We do seem to be living in some exciting times! In fact, they are the first ones to release autonomous taxis, beating Uber by a few weeks (they were supposed to release self driving taxis in the US).   They certainly have started small, by releasing just 6 or so taxis, and are planning to extend the

Yet another Grand i10!

  The Hyundai Grand i10's latest version is going to be released in Europe. Why has this particular model done so well across the globe? Well, one main reason is because of its compact size, its top notch features such as auto gear, really satisfying fuel efficiency and what not. There's much to love in this cute little car which is why it is popular till this day.   In its latest avatar, it has noticeable structural changes to its exterior. Its diamond cut alloy

Tata & Tiago

  It is high time Tata Motors stepped up their game and started competing seriously with their contemporaries. With this in mind, they are going to launch their Tiago model. Launched in Nepal already, it is set to hit the Indian Market in September. They have made it available in petrol as well as diesel variants. It is fitted with the latest features in terms of cosmetic features as well as utility wise. It also comes loaded with several safety features as well.   Tata has

Volkswagen releasing a SUV?

  The SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle Segment is one of the fastest selling segments not just in our country but across the world as well. Which is why Volkswagen didn't want to be left behind in the race and released a suave 7 seater concept called CrossBlue. It is now renamed as Teramont - and is a typical cuboid shaped SUV.   It has all the usual glamour of a fast SUV, it is elegant and poised. Has a full fledged infotainment system and all other usual features. After

How is Uber different from a regular taxi?

  Uber is essentially a mobile app. A mobile app enabled by the global positioning system (GPS) that helps drivers navigate, and helps you hail a ride to your desired destination. Whereas with a regular taxi, you might have to book it in advance and then it will pick you up at the said time.   An Uber ride is chosen as and when you choose to make a move towards your destination. Here are some of the unique features you can enjoy as a user of The Uber App   - gives

Mahindra enters the Digital World

  Mahindra has also forayed into the digital space. It has created "digi-sense" which is their platform for better connectivity and mobility solutions for their vehicles fleet including tractors, trucks as well as construction equipment. It is a first of its kind initiative by an Indian Vehicle Manufacturer or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM ).   This platform connects customers, dealers, suppliers and manufacturers (typically most of the stakeholders across

The Show Runners at the 2016 Paris Motor Show

  One of the biggest happenings of the auto world - The Paris Motor Show also known as Mondial de l'Automobile is all set to shine on, this year as well! Several new production as well as concept cars are waiting to be released at this prestigious event. Of course, it is only second best when compared to the Frankfurt Motor Show - however, this also serves as an important a platform for a lot of manufacturers.   Let us have a look at some of the cars that are planned to


  Why would an auto major invest in a car rental company? Let me re-phrase that, why would an American Auto manufacturer invest in an Indian car rental company? Any guesses? Well, it is raining investments if you happen to be a start up these days, in this long list is Zoomcar - a Bangalore based self-drive car rental company. Since they already had a existing relationship (Ford has supplied a sizeable number of cars to Zoomcar), the idea to invest came in somewhere along the


  What? A special bike launching on a special Indian occasion? That's right folks, the big time bike manufacturer is all set to launch it model MT-03 for a whopping (but discounted) price of ₹2.75 lakhs. It is perhaps a more blunt version of the R3 that was released sometime last year. Quite naturally, this beauty is also powerful at 250cc, and a lot more comfortable to ride than the R3. It also has some amazing power with levels up to 45 PS, which is quite interesting indeed.


  The Maybach series is one of Daimler's most expensive and valued vehicle so far. It could probably end up being the most prized possessions if you are a luxury & fast car enthusiast. Then, you would be more than happy to note that, they are about to release Maybach 6 at the Monterey Car Week this year.  It is indeed exciting times for some of us.   What's so special about Maybach 6? How is it better than its previous versions? For starters, it is built


  Although the auto industry is majorly dominated by the men folk, there are women who have managed to climb up the echelons of the industry. Let us look at some of the famous car manufacturers who have hired women at the top management level. These women who have made it to the top and intend to stay there and what's more exciting women race car drivers of course!   Danica Patrick - first woman to lead the Indy 500 and also the first to win the pole position at Daytona


  Held at the Swiss city - Geneva, this international motor show is a major event in the lives of all the stakeholders of all automobile companies. The show is held every year in the month of March, at the Geneva Palexpo - a convention centre next to the famous Cointrin International Airport.  The event is organized by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles. The upcoming year's production as well as concept cars are showcased here.   The


  Well, for starters will we even be driving around a 4 wheeler is a question by itself. And one that cannot be answered very easily, although we can very well hope and speculate and imagine to our hearts' desire. It is going to be a very interesting world we will be faced in 2050, because there is definitely going to be an increase in the number of cars on road - but not with individuals - more with ride-sharing companies.   With rising environmental concerns that are


  With the ever enterprising Chinese people, nothing is impossible. Which is why they are poised to be amongst the top 3 automobile manufacturers as well as consumers of automobiles. Although, 2015 wasn't the best year for this industry, they did see a lot of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs), importance of the aftermarket and of course connectivity.   There was robust sales volumes (21.2 million) as well as positive (7%) growth in the passenger car segment. The one main aspect


  What gets our beloved men in blue going other than their on-field play? Their beasts on wheels of course! Our cricketers seem to have some really unique flair when it comes to their need for speed.  So, let's begin with our favourite captain cool; MS Dhoni.   Although he is a bigger fan of motorcycles and is often found cruising along in one of them. He does own a grand looking General Motor's Sierra, a polished looking pickup truck imported from the States.


  It is always fascinating to watch movies that revolve around cars. These cars have indeed become more famous than the lead actors themselves. These cars have become famous for their suave looks, brilliant moves and always acting as a great companion to the lead actor.   1963, Aston Martin DB5   What can it do? - oil slick, ejector seat, smoke screen, machine guns, revolving license plates, radar.   A regular in a  lot of James Bond movies such as


  With the increasing level of pollutions and major cities across the world getting over crowded, a lot of them are planning to go car free. Meaning to say, there is going to less or virtually no cars plying on roads, rather more of public transport and what not. Let us look at some of the cities that are planning to go car-free over the next few years.   Oslo, is going to ban all cars from its city center over the next 3 years. In fact, the country itself is planning to


  According to leading economists, the Sub-Saharan African region is projected to be one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Also, the world bank is projecting that these countries would also turn out to be large consumers of all the commodities and what not - especially because the middle class of people is fast increasing.   Toyota Motors, Tata Motors, and General Motors are some of the major auto players plying in Africa.  The 1.2 Billion population is


  The Tata Ace is one of the pioneers in the three-wheeled goods carriers in India. In fact, the plant that was initially built to manufacture the failed Nano car - was the one that was used to produce the Tata Ace. In fact, this vehicle created the mini-segment of three-wheeled goods carriers in India, which invited the like of Bajaj, Ashok Leyland and Mahindra to compete.   On the same platform, the Tata Magic was also built and manufactured - colloquially known as


  Even a  public transport volvo bus provides absolute comfort to travel in.  Imagine a fully fledged Volvo bus, it has everything from plush seats to amazing suspension and low flooring that just makes bus travel so much easier. So, what makes it one of the favourite buses for people and governments alike? There are some very interesting things the company has been working on - that is going to catapult it, right to the top.   Just like automated cars, they have


  Wondering how to make that internship report of yours shine through the endless reviews by your professors? It is indeed an art to have a good content as well as present it in the best possible way. Although, you might have gained several pearls of wisdom at your in-plant training / internship - it is equally important to communicate it to your peers and faculties in a not-so-elaborate way. No, it is not as complicated as it sounds!   Let us look at first structuring the


  Any product, will be more appealing to its user if it has an aesthetic appeal and if it serves an important purpose - then the utility design or value is very much critical for the product to be a success. Well designed and well engineered (those are two different things) products always hold great value in the eyes of the consumer. So, what is this design we keep talking about?   Engineering Design is a process, a meticulous one at that. Because, there are several steps


  That look of awe this particular watch evokes from its onlookers is simply priceless.  Well, the watch? It's anything but priceless of course! In the year 1905, the founder of Rolex - Hans Wilsdorf founded the company - to brake the stereotype that wrist watches weren't accurate.   Let us look at some of the possible reasons that make owning this brand of watch so special. For starters, its price so high - it could almost serve as an invest, a treasured family


  Ford is one of the oldest American Car Companies - 113 years old to be precise. From being a typical common man's car maker to becoming a multi-national and multi-billion dollar company that has made its mark in the area of connected cars. They have quite an interesting range of new, hybrid and electric cars that are representative of their foray into the electric vehicle space.   Their famous models include: 2016 Focus Electric, 2017 Fusion Hybrid, 2016 C-Max Energi


  Ashok Leyland has become a major part and parcel of our nation's transportation and logistics sector that almost every other state government as well as other transportation companies widely use their buses and trucks respectively. Their USP has always been affordable fleets - which explains the long standing relationships with the various state governments.   In 1948, Raghunandan Saran founded Ashok Motors and collaborated with Austin Motor Company, England. Later,


  Every year the Car of the year is chosen not just on the basis of the volumes it is sold in, but on a number of other aspects as well. Let us look at which car model has been bestowed on with such a pride in the next year. Usually, it differs from one country to another, there is in fact a separate jury from each country to adjudge the car of the year. It is announced at the global level and also at the country level (of course the two are adjudged on various criteria) Some of the


  Automotive design is an art in its own engineering way. It's all about developing the appearance of the vehicle and also to certain extent the ergonomics. By vehicle, here it is meant as on-road vehicles. There are several aspects to automobile designing - these include - exterior design, interior design, colour and trim design, and graphic design.   Earlier, engineers used to  draw the design on paper and when they used to actually execute the design many a time


  If there is one thing that can give you a thrill any time of the day - that would be Speed. Our need for speed can never probably satisfied, anyhow here's a list of top 10 cars that just might help you in that!   #10 FerrariLaFerrari                         |              217


  Gone are the days when only Tesla Motors was the wonder child for making superior electric cars. Well, China simply doesn't like to be left behind - which is why they are backing (with help from US of course) - they introduced their first (and also a fully electric) vehicle at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Their concept cars have received a lot of support and is seen as the big famous electric car brand, globally. It is quite an interesting array of concept cars


  Well, let's something straight. So far, a fully electric car hasn't really been on the roads (although there are constant developments in this field, for example: Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered cars). Meanwhile, hybrid cars came into existence and they're quite unique in their operations. Basically, any type of car engine converts the potential energy from the fuel or source of energy into kinetic energy. In a hybrid vehicle, it is a combination of a petrol/diesel engine with


  Fast, suave and ever so glamorous - luxury cars always capture our attention and heart whenever we happen to come across them. It creates all the more awe and intrigue when some of our well known celebrities drive around in such cars. Here are some of our well known and loved Indian celebrities that drive around a million and more dollars worth vehicles.   Amitabh Bachhan -Easily one of the India's favourite actor of all times. He drives in to work in a Rolls Royce


  We all know a great looking bike can steal our hearts on any given day. It is a pleasure not just in watching these vehicles in motion, the pleasure is all the more if you happen to be driving one! Expensive bikes are expensive for a number of reasons: their design, the convenience they provide while riding it, accessories and so on.   #5 Ecosse FE Ti XX           


  What's special about a BMW Bike? Well, the fact that it is from the BMW house is in itself enough reason. This company has been manufacturing such sophisticated motorcycles since 1923 and it only keeps getting better! It is very intriguing to see the variants and how they seem to have captured the hearts of many.   At the 4th spot is the Model K1, which is BMW's first attempt at high speed, sporting bikes. It was indeed a very exclusive model, and less than 7000 of


  In a conference last year, Apple's CEO Tim Cook mentioned that there is going to be a "massive change" in the automotive industry in the coming years. Also called as "Titan" is an electric car being researched on developed by the company. This is the first time that Apple has ventured into collaborating with third party car companies to bring out an 'iCar'. Here's some of the features you may expect from an Apple stamped car:   - iTunes -


  This is one of those rare cars that will always leave you in awe, every time it passes you by. Hand crafted to perfection, it oozes nothing but sophistication at its very best! Here's a brief glance into the story behind Rolls Royce, what made them who they are today and will they be able to survive the latest technological wave or get phased out like some of their unfortunate peers?   All the way back in 1904, the Honourable Charles Roll and Sir Henry Royce


  Trying to grab the top spot in the electric vehicles market is Mercedes Benz. Close behind the heels of Tesla is Benz in the Heavy Vehicle Segment. When Tesla initially showed their version of electronic trucks, it did not impress many - following this, Benz also announced its plan to make electronic heavy vehicle truck. The whole point behind using electric truck is to meet stricter emission norms across major cities.   Until now, there weren't many players in this


  A few years from now, India is predicted to be the world's second largest auto manufacturer - this is more than just motivation to become an automobile engineer. The automotive industry in India has seen phenomenal growth over the past 5 years and will continue to do so - with the various technological innovations happening - it does seem like a good time to be a part of this industry.   In fact, the automobile industry is a top contributor to the GDP of our country -


We keep hearing about the various new innovations that are taking the centre stage as we move ahead in time. So, who is behind these futuristic ideas? Are they really going to be implemented 5 years from now? Let us look at some of the companies that have properly established the fact that they are going to lead the technological revolution in the automobile industry. Let us have a look at these companies:   #5 Mercedes Benz - 70% of its S-Class cars are fitted with autonomous


  The US automobile industry almost collapsed in the sub-prime crisis during 2008-09 (where vehicle production was a mere 6 million units), and it has regained its momentum over the past 3 to 4 years. In fact, in 2015, US recorded a production of 12 million vehicles and sale of 17.4 million vehicles. This makes it the world's second largest market for automobile sales. All the major car manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and top European car makers including Volkswagen,


  Japan is and has always been one among the top 3 manufacturers in the world. They have a number of well known and extremely successful global brands to their credit. Some of these are Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, Fuso, Mazda and so many more, among these Toyota, Honda and Nissan are the top 3. In fact, Toyota is the largest car manufacturer across the entire world in terms of volumes produced in 2015 by manufacturing a whopping 10.08 million - just a few thousand cars


  Daimler-Benz or better known as Mercedes Benz has been in existence since the early 1930s although earlier it was under a different brand name. It is well known for manufacturing luxury - ultra luxury cars, trucks as well as bikes. They are pioneers in integrating latest technologies in their cars to give their customers the best of riding experiences and they have been doing so for quite a long time now.   So, how are they making the driving experience better than it


  30 years ago no one would have imagined that one particular country exiting from the European Union would affect the rest of the world, especially our country. However in the present day, there are several implications of this particular event across various countries as well as industries. So, let us look at how it would be impacting the manufacturing sector.   First of all, Britain exiting the European Union means that the trade policies would definitely be changing.


  BMW, Intel and Mobileye have teamed up develop self-driving vehicles. This particular collaboration brings together the world's leading car maker, leading chip manufacturer and an up and coming company specializing in technology pertaining to autonomous cars. In a press conference BMW said; “The goal of the collaboration is to develop future-proofed solutions that enable the drivers to not only take their hands off the steering wheel, but reach the so-called ‘eyes


  Guess which company has been using 3D printing for more than 25 years now? Well, the answer is the BMW Group. They started using 3D printing technology in 2012 to print end-use parts. Over the next few years, more than 10000 parts will be printing using 3D technology and will be parts of the Rolls Royce Phantom car! Some of these 3D printed parts are hazard warning light holders, center lock buttons, electronic parking brakes, and sockets.     According to BMW, there


The automotive industry continues to face a growing number of challenges and pressures. Cost pressure, competition, globalization, market shifts, and volatility are all increasing. At the same time, big data and analytics today offer previously unthinkable possibilities for tackling these and many other challenges automakers face. Analytics is a powerful tool. However, applying analytics effectively requires knowledge and experience beyond statistics, operations, or information technology.


QUALITY COSTS QUALITY COST refers to the costs associated with avoiding poor quality or those incurred as a result of poor quality / cost of not meeting customer’s requirement / Quality costs are the costs associated with preventing, finding, and correcting defective work. The kinds of quality costs are:   1. PREVENTION COST – These are those expended to keep nonconforming goods services from being made and reaching the customer / costs that


QUALITY FUNCTION DEPLOYMENT  Quality Function Deployment is a planning tool used to fulfill customer expectations.  Quality Function Deployment focuses on customer expectations or requirements,often referred to as voice of the customer. Performing a QFD is often bebefitial, as we can rate and assess our products based on the feedback of our direct customers. QFD TEAM : There are two types of teams, namely 1. Team for designing a new product 2. Team for improving an existing


  The whole initiative is indeed a good one, because of its prime focus on manufacturing in India. Also, the fact that they have opened up across a diverse set of industries such as Bio-Technology, Automobile, Pharmaceutical and so on. If approached from the grassroots level, it would really do a lot of good to a lot of people. By this, I mean to say that the basic and advanced (required) skills of employees need to be ensured in order to produce quality products and maintain


  Data Analytics in general is all about making sense of the large volumes of data produced, and basing important decisions based on the inferences obtained. Recent challenges such as rising fuel costs, global recession, increased competition from low cost customers are some of the main reasons for creating losses or wastage across the supply chain of any manufacturing industry. When you improve visibility of the supply chain through the use of analytical tools, it certainly does help


  After the fatal crisis in 2008 where the automotive hub of the world - Detroit was nearly wiped out, the automotive industry has made a successful comeback in the past few years. This growth is only going to get steadier in the next few years as well - with the advancement of technological trends such as Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC) and its diverse applications in various industries - it has indeed caught the fancy of automotive manufacturers which is why there is


  Connected Cars are cars of the future. Connected or Smart Cars are wonder cars that help car owners to monitor the health of their cars, assist in parking, avoid collisions through a pre-warning system, monitoring health of the driver, improved fuel efficiency and so on. Several big time car manufacturers such as Hyundai, BMW, Daimler, GM, Ford and many others are gearing up their production to ensure they are producing cars that are much more driver-friendly than ever before.


  IoT or Internet of Things  is basically a set of physical devices, buildings and other things that are embedded with electronic devices such as sensors, software and other networking devices.  This largely facilitates the exchange of data across various devices and a computer. We live in such an era where in there is data constantly being produced every second we happen to be connected to the internet - the same concept can be extended to the entire manufacturing supply


  What's common between Airbus, Siemens, Daimler Group, Volkswagen Group, ThyssenKrupp Group? If you haven't guessed already - the answer is - Germany.  With their innate eye for detail, this country has indeed produced some remarkable engineers and in turn excellent products as well. Probably the only other country that can compete with them would be Japan. If you are passionate about the engineering stream, then you definitely need to follow the path of these great

ISO 14000 - Environmental management

ISO 14000 - Environmental management The ISO 14000 family of standards provides practical tools for companies and organizations of all kinds looking to manage their environmental responsibilities. ISO 14001:2015 and its supporting standards such as ISO 14006:2011 focus on environmental systems to achieve this. The other standards in the family focus on specific approaches such as audits, communications, labelling and life cycle analysis, as well as environmental challenges such as climate

FORD F-150 with 5 STAR Crash Ratings

FORD F-150 SUPERCREW EARNS 5-STAR TOP GOVERNMENT CRASH RATINGS THANKS TO 31 NEW SAFETY-RELATED INNOVATIONS National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awards 2015 Ford F-150 SuperCrew with its five-star Overall Vehicle Score in New Car Assessment Program, the highest possible rating, making it the safest F-150 ever All-new F-150 safety features include an advanced restraint system with dual-stage airbags, Curve Control to help drivers stay on their intended path, and


  Well, for starters gasoline powered vehicles aren't going to be around forever, and it is being beautifully proved by Tesla Motors. Founded in 2003 by a bunch of engineers who  completely believed in the idea of building a fully functional electric vehicle that would be known for its instant torque, incredible power and most importantly - zero emissions.    Yes, their company name draws inspiration from the famous electrical engineer - Nikola Tesla. In fact,

KAIZEN- The new buzzword

KAIZEN Kaizen is a Japanese word for the philosophy that defines management’s roles in continuously encouraging and implementing small improvements involving everyone. It focuses on simplification by breaking down complex progress into their sub – processes and then improving them. The Kaizen improvement focuses on the use of :  Value – added and non – value work activities.  Muda, which refers to the seven classes of waste –


BENCHMARKING Benchmarking is a systematic method by which organizations can measure themselves against the best industry practices. Benchmarking is a systematic search for the best practices, innovative ideas, and highly effective operating procedures. REASONS TO BENCHMARK :  It is a tool to achieve business and competitive objectives  It can inspire managers (and Organizations) to compete  It is time and cost effective  It constantly scans the external


  The Indian Automotive Industry is all set for a very successful future indeed.  In fact, it is touted to be among the top 3 manufacturers across the world by the year 2021. Here are some upcoming trends and interesting facts about this industry.   - The industry contributes to as much as 7% to the GDP.   - As of March 2015, about 31% of small cars of the world are manufactured in India.   - Autonomous driving (or driverless cars) is set to hit


  Industry 4.0 or Industrie 4.0 is the fourth and the most recent revolution in the world of Manufacturing. It is in fact, all about the making of a "smart" factory.  This means, that technological trends such as SMAC or Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud has become an integral part of everyday operations in a factory.  The digitalization wave definitely seems to have landed on the shores of the manufacturing sector.   In the recent years, there has

The 5S Principle- Japanese house-keeping technique

Get introduced to the 5S principle- a Japanese technique for maintaining a clean and clear surroundings at your workplace! The 5S principle is a house keeping technique used to establish and maintain a productive and quality environment in an organisation. A well-organised workplace results in safer, more efficient and more productive operations. It boosts the morale of the workers, promoting a sense of pride and ownership in their work. The 5S are


An industrial visit is very much necessary for every student, especially if they happen to be studying in a professional course such as engineering. More than learning subjects in a classroom setting, it is very much necessary for every student to learn from a live environment. Some of the things a student can benefit from an industrial or factory visit include:   ·         Allows the students to gain firsthand experience of the

Ford EcoSport Hits the 200,000 Sales Milestone

Ford’s EcoSport, the most loved compact SUV in the market has achieved the 200,000 sales milestone which includes the domestic as well as exports figures. EcoSport which was launched in the mid of 2013, had all the right ingredients to smash hit sales on the run. Within the 30-days of launch, the car has managed to get about 60,000 bookings which means that the buyers wanted to experience the compact SUV and give voice commands through the SYNC media system fitted in the vehicle. At

Bajaj Motorcycle Sales Grow 26 per Cent in March

Bajaj Auto Limited posted a growth of 26 per cent in overall motorcycle sales in March 2016, as compared to the same period a year ago. Overall Bajaj sold 2,64,249 motorcycles in March '16 as compared to 2,09,937 in March '15. Two wheeler exports accounted for over one lakh units at 1,01,519 in March 2016. Bajaj also posted its best ever March sales of commercial vehicles in March 2016, selling 41,551 units. A year ago, Bajaj had sold 40,667 units of CVs. In March 2016, CV exports

Volkswagen opens seventh training institute

The VW Group’s apprentice programme hopes to train candidates to fill up positions in car service. But in an industry starved of entry-level talent, it’s a long road ahead. The Volkswagen Group inaugurated its seventh apprenticeship programme recently in the campus of the Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology (HIET) in Padappai near Chennai. This is part of VW’s VG-TAP (Volkswagen Technical Apprenticeship Program) initiative which has seen the German brand tie up


“ADOLF HITLER” Conception The idea for the Beetle came from Adolf Hitler, who while in prison in 1924 following the unsuccessful putsch on the Federal German capital. Hitler conceived of an idea to solve Germany's unemployment problem, the Government would build special roads (autobahns) for motor vehicles. He would also mass-produce a car (the peoples car, the Volkswagen) which the average man in the street would be able buy. 9 Years later (February 1933) the Nazi party

Ashok Leyland is the first in India to develop a common rail engine for commercial vehicles.

Ashok Leyland is the first in India to develop a common rail engine for commercial vehicles. India’s first Hybrid Electric Vehicle was showcased in 2002 marking the introduction of another alternative vehicle technology. India’s first CNG Hybrid Plug-in Bus: which uses a combination of CNG and electricity was launched in 2010 and was in service during the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. The country’s first Hythane engine was developed in 2009. 20% of

Nippon Paint Spotless NXT

Nippon Paint Spotless NXT Premium Interior Emulsion is a specially-formulated acrylic emulsion paint that repels household stains such as tea, coffee, juices, ink, hand-prints, etc. Putting on a coat of paint is an art inspired by science. Every hue breathes a fresh wave of emotion, bringing your walls to life and filling your home with vibrant energy. Nippon Paint leverages world-class technology and innovation to bring you a wide array of kaleidoscopic colour choices and superior

New Grundfos product honoured as product of the year in Germany

It only took the new Grundfos MAGNA pump two months on the market to convince German Plus X Awards of its qualities and win several awards. Winner of the High Quality, Functionality and Ecology categories. And chosen as the product of the year in its category. All of this after only two months on the market. The name of the new pump is already well-known: Grundfos’ new MAGNA3 circulator pump has landed. - This is a huge recognition of the work that has been done to develop a

Ford Motor eyes global technology and business centre in Chennai

Following the footsteps of Nissan, Mahindra and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Ford Motor is planning to set up a new global technology and business centre in Chennai. It would be spread across 28 acres housing a R&D and product testing centre. The firm has invested around $2 billion in India. In an e-mail, the spokesperson said, "We would share details of the engagement at an appropriate time and add nothing to the speculations of investment figures". Ford

Do you know Royal Enfield Continental GT ?

The Royal Enfield Continental GT is the lightest, fastest, most powerful   Royal Enfield production. It’s machine with story, a nod to motorcycling’s finest hour; a painstaking collaboration. It is also the best expression yet of a cultural phenomenon that has simply refused to fade away – the café racer.

Volkswagen made its entry into the compact sedan segment

German carmaker Volkswagen made its entry into the compact sedan segment on Sunday with the Ameo, sparking a possible price battle with the segment leader, Maruti Suzuki’s Dzire. At an ex-showroom, Thane, price of Rs 5.14 lakh, theAmeo is cheaper than the Dzire priced at Rs 5.52 lakh. This is the first all-new model launch by Volkswagen in India after several years, after a struggle to go beyond its Polo and Vento models. It will be available in showrooms

Royal Enfield built up a new engine platform with the Himalayan adventure bike.

The Himalayas (or perhaps the vast emptiness of Mongolia) aboard a Royal Enfield Bullet is probably a prominent feature in most motorcyclists' bucket list. At the time, these motorcycles would be used to conduct army operations in remote areas, a feat that contributed significantly in building the adventurous myth of Royal Enfield. Officially called LS410, the new engine is once again a single-cylinder four stroke, named after the initials of Long Stroke and its cubic capacity. It is the

Do you know Ford Mustang Engine Specification?

The most amusing about the new Mustang Is evident when you pop its hood. Here’s the longest running name in the musclecar business, looking all mean and modern and ready  for the 21st century. And what do you see in its engine bay? Space. EcoBoost’s greatest downfall is that it demands explanation every time you pop the hood. If you’re buying one, here’s a cheat sheet: lower weight, better fuel economy, and 320 1b-ft of torque. Weight? Our automatic-equiped

Titan bets on precision engineering division

Titan Industries expects turnover of its precision engineering business to cross Rs 100 crore over the next 2-3 years. Currently, the 2-year-old division's revenues stand at Rs 25 crore or about 2.5 per cent of the company's top line. Bhaskar Bhat, managing director, Titan Industries said, "The division will clock upward of 40 per cent growth in the coming years taking the turnover between Rs 100-200 crore”. "An export-focussed arm, the precision engineering business

DRDO transfers Technology to L&T to develop Lakshya

Indian Multinational conglomerate Larsen and Toubro (L&T) to be the first to receive license for technology of full-scale system to make Lakshya from Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Lakshya is a pilotless target aircraft developed by DRDO and L&T will get the technology for its digital version that to be sold to the armed forces. About Lakshya: It is remotely piloted high speed target drone system developed by Aeronautical Development Establishment,

Eicher Motors is Parent company for - Royal Enfield

DO YOU KNOW? In 1990, Royal Enfield collaborated with the Eicher Group. “YES EICHER MOTORS IS THE PRESENT PARENT FIRM OF ROYAL ENFIELD” By 2013 the company opened a new primary factory in the Chennai suburb of Oragadam on the strength of increased demand for its motorcycles. The original factory at Tiruvottiyur became secondary, and continues to produce engines and some motorcycle models. Now Royal Enfield currently sells motorcycles in more than 50

Nippon paint - Anti Bacterial Technology

Did you know? The indoor air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.Nippon Paint created a paint that actually converts formaldehyde into water vapour.So that the pollution is settled down. Also Nippon paint is using Anti Bacterial Technology for protecting against harmful bacteria <3 Wouldn’t it be wonderful, we thought, if a paint could not only beautify your walls but also purify them, protecting against harmful bacteria. Get to visit Manufacturing of Nippon Paint at

Grundfos Pumps Factory Visit Feedback

Feedback of i2v Grundfos from ARVIND.P -SKCET , COIMBATORE <3 We all boarded here for EDU2020 industrial visit for GRUNDFOS PUMPS in Chennai for an industrial visit . Before coming to the company visit we just know meagre things about how the pump was and how the pumps work and as of Edu2020. But after visiting the company of GRUNDFOS LIMITED, Omr, Chennai. We gained a vast knowledge about the company and the pumps. We were amused about the company's vast growth in pumps as

Royal Enfield reaches out to women riders for Himalayan Odyssey

The inaugural edition of the women-only Himalayan Odyssey is powered by STRE (She Travels on a Royal Enfield) community The Himalayan Odyssey is a well-known biking trip that has been organised by Royal Enfield since 2003. Now, for the first time, the event will witness a women-only edition of the Himalayan Odyssey. The adventure ride will be flagged off from New Delhi. The journey will have the women riders covering over 2,200 kms on some of the harshest terrains and passing from the highest

Larsen & Toubro

    Larsen & Toubro Limited, also known as L&T is an Indian multi-national conglomerate. The company has business interests in engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, information technology, and financial services. L&T is India's largest engineering and construction company. L&T is engaged in core, high impact sectors of the economy and with their integrated capabilities span the entire spectrum of ‘design to deliver’. With over 7 decades

Bajaj plans to manufacture Husqvarna bikes.

If report stated is to be true, it is likely that Husqvarna Motorcycles will be launched in India by 2017. A report by a business website stated that Bajaj Auto, that currently holds a large stake in Austrian brand KTM motorcycles, is anticipated to start manufacturing Husqvarna models namely Vitpilen and Svartpilen at their plant in Chakan, Pune. Bajaj Autos' Chakan plant in Pune currently serves as the global production hub for the KTM Duke and RC range of motorcycles. Hence, it would be

Volkswagen Ameo

Volkswagen Ameo A new entry is filed to happen in volkswagen .Volkswagen is going to introduce a new entry in the market this year. Car named AMEO. Ameo will follow the traditional VW design with very subtle yet elegant design. We can say it as evolution of polo because to looks similar, but should get few additional elements to make it look premium.Volkswagen will also introduce the more powerful GT petrol and diesel versions of the Ameo at a later date. These will use the 1.2-litre

Ford Mustang

Cars are said to be desired want for each and every one in this world. Uses of cars will differ from one individual to another. In that case some segment people are there all over the world who are more passionate towards cars same as bike lovers, especially sports car. These people spend more time with their cars, and it’s a legal way to have fun by speeding a little bit or testing themselves a little bit .Some people, it becomes their toy. People are definitely a company's greatest

Six-poster road simulation laboratory of Ashok Leyland

The Ashok Lyeland R&D; centre has state-of-the-art facilities, The six-poster, the only one of its kind in the country, can test multi-axle vehicles of up to 60-tonne gross vehicle weight, both in loaded and unladen conditions, vehicles that are in a non-driveable condition and prototypes. It reduces testing time by a factor of six on existing proving grounds, and vehicles can be tested on different road surfaces like torture tracks and a variety of road profiles like highways, mines and

Bajaj in 50 years

                                          Human minds are very typical when new things comes it rejects the old one. But the memories and that particular happening will last long. After few years if we want to recall it some phrase or visual part is required but not all things are remembered. Especially in our childhood days playing, watching cartoons, and crying for things might have been

Made like a gun , Goes like a bullet

                         This is a modern era where each and every individual is busy in one way or other for nothing but to earn money. Is that money kept without spending? Never, they either spend it for daily needs or probably for their desired wants for their entire life. But there is something more than that, is spending on something which does not give any returns other than satisfaction. In that way bike riding comes at the

‘100 Pumps 100 Villages’ by Grundfos Foundation

Do you know? ‘100 Pumps 100 Villages’   December 1, 2014, Chennai, India: The Grundfos Foundation, Grundfos India and Sunlit Future are entering the first phase of an ambitious project to bring clean water to 100 villages in rural India. The first phase will deliver water to 12,400 people in 28 villages in Orissa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Grundfos Foundation has completed its Phase II of ‘100 pumps 100 villages’ project bringing